Barnaby receives lots of letters from children all over the world telling him about their holidays or about what they've been doing in school. He tries to reply when he gets chance, but is often too busy travelling!

Here are some of the letters he has received recently - why don't you write to him and tell him what you've been doing? He loves colourful pictures too!

You can also email Barnaby at barnabybear@geography.org.uk .
Harvey's letter
Dear Harvey,

Thank you so much for your nice letter and your birthday invitation. I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. I have been in the Southern Hemisphere in New Zealand, Fiji and Australia. Can you locate them on a globe? The scenario is amazing over there and I spent a lot of time in forests, deserts and by the sea.

Your friend Terry sounds excellent. What things has he invented? Anything for bears?
How has your summer been? What did you get up to and what places did you visit?


Dear Abigail,

Thank you for your letter, I enjoyed reading it very much. There is a tunnel that goes under the English Channel. I caught a train and the train used this tunnel to go to France. I found it funny when your mum dared you to touch one of the fish. I have been to France and I enjoyed the galleries. Did you know that you can walk up the Eiffel Tower up the 1,652 steps? I saw the painting of the Mona Lisa. One of my favourite French foods is Ratatouille and Chocolate Soufflé. My favourite part of France is Montmartre where an artist painted a picture of me. I was hoping it would be better than my passport photo...

What colour were the fish, and were they big or small?

What was the most fun part of your holiday?

Did you see the Eiffel Tower?


Dear Donaldson Class,

Thank you for sending me all of your brilliant letters, it sounds like you had so much fun. I am in Spain right now in Valencia. It’s great here but quite hot. I go to the beach to swim and make sandcastles and eat ice cream and fish and chips. I enjoyed the ice cream very much because the weather is very hot. I also enjoyed the fish and chips but they don’t make it as good as the ones in the UK.

In the evenings I go to the local restaurants and I ate a food called paella. It is a type of rice dish served with seafood or meat such as rabbit or lamb. Did you know that Spain has a total population of 44.7 million people? England’s population is 65 million and Spain is a bigger country. I went to the zoo and saw a giraffe, a lion, a bull and lots of zebras.

Have any of you been to the zoo before? Have any of you been to the seaside?

Hope to hear back from you and all your great adventures.


Dear Year 1 at All Saints Primary School,

Thank you for all your great questions in your letters. I would love to come to your school and go back to Black Gang Chine, the beach, go on a boat and go to see tigers and lions; it sounds fun. I would like to go and see the dinosaurs and play on the waterslides, but I am on holiday right now in Edinburgh. If you have not been then I recommend you go there with your school or your parents, and visit Edinburgh castle. Did you know the castle was built on a volcano? Outside the castle there are lots of men wearing kilts. Kilts are skirts that are usually red and have lots of stripy colours, and the stripes represent clans.

Another great place to go and see is the palace of Holyroodhouse. The queen stays there when she is on holiday in Edinburgh, and when she is inside the flags are raised. I think the best part of Edinburgh are the bridges that go over River Forth; they are nearly two kilometres long. The old bridge is for trains and the new one, nicknamed ‘The Highway to the Sky’ is for cars.

Take care,