Barnaby finds his first geocache in Sydney
Geocaching is a relatively new sport which involves searching for hidden treasure (caches) using a Global Positioning System (GPS). According to the official geocaching website, there are currently 504,693 active caches worldwide (11 January 2008). A cache is a waterproof box containing a few small gifts, a pen or pencil and a logbook. Each time a cache is found, the finder takes a gift, leaves a new gift, and makes an entry in the logbook.

In brief, geocaching involves a series of simple steps:

  1. Find the co-ordinates for a cache you wish to seek (use
  2. Go on the hunt for the cache using your GPS device
  3. When you've found the cache take a gift, leave a gift and record an entry in the logbook
  4. Next time you go on the internet, log that you’ve found the cache and add any comments – this is the reward for the cache hider
Some caches contain trackable items which can be moved from cache to cache. In fact there's even a little Barnaby Bear currently travelling the world with geocachers!

To keep the game going, you can hide a cache yourself. There are plenty of tips on

Barnaby Goes Geocaching

In 2005 Barnaby travelled from The Drive Primary School, Gateshead, to stay with Michael at his home in Tasmania. During his stay with Michael, Barnaby went geocaching in Tasmania and Sydney. The document below tells the story of Barnaby's geocaching adventures!

Barnaby Goes Geocaching (PDF 228k)

Thanks to Michael and his mum Carolyn for sending in the story.