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Barnaby en route to South Africa
In April 2007 Barnaby visited South Africa as part of a delegation of visitors from Cholsey in Oxfordshire. Cholsey has been involved in 'Choko', a linking project which connects the village of with the Kodumela community in South Africa.

Children's work, photographs, letters and football kits have been sent from Cholsey Primary School and the whole village has been raising money for Kodumela. This has been used to build houses for orphans, buy a grinding machine and industrial sewing machine, provide people with materials and training, and equip Mamokaile Primary School with computers.

Barnaby accompanied Val Bolt, a Teaching Support Assistant from Cholsey Primary School and together they kept a diary of their trip...

Barnaby's South Africa Diary (PDF 185k)

You can find out more about the Choko project, including Barnaby's involvement at www.choko.org.uk