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Here are some photographs from my trip to Andalucía in Spain. Can you find Andalucía on a map? There are lots of popular holiday resorts in Andalucía so you might have been there too! Do you recognise any of these names: Costa del Sol, Malaga, Marbella, Seville, Almeria, Granada, Gibraltar? The bit of Andalucía I visited was called Cortes De La Frontera. It is North of Gibraltar and West of Marbella. Can you find Cortes De La Frontera on a map?

Yurt Hotel

The Yurt Hotel

My hotel was called the Hoopoe Yurt Hotel. A yurt is a small house a little bit like a tent. The yurt I stayed in was traditional Mongolian style - here I am sat on the steps. Do you know where Mongolia is? Why do you think people live in yurts? Would you like to live in a yurt? Why don't you try and find out a bit more about yurts? Perhaps you could design your own!
Wildflower Meadow

The Beautiful Wildflower Meadow

Here I am sitting in a beautiful wildflower meadow outside the yurt. The mountains in the background are called the Grazalema Mountains. Southern Spain has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The Grazalema Mountain area is the wettest part of Andalucía! The meadow only looks like this in spring when the winter rain and the spring sun make all kinds of wild flowers grow. Animals and birds like it here too and the Yurt Hotel is named after a pretty bird called a hoopoe which likes to visit the area. Can you find a picture of a hoopoe? Can you guess where it got its name?
Compost Toilet

Compost Toilet

The Yurt Hotel is very kind to the environment and the whole camp runs on solar power. Solar power is energy gathered from the sun and changed into electricity. This photograph shows me sat in the compost toilet - stop laughing! A compost toilet is very good for the environment as it doesn't use any water and makes a nice fertiliser which you can put on your garden to help it grow. Our toilets use water to flush everything away, but you throw grass and sawdust down a compost toilet. I bet you think it smells in there don't you? Well it doesn't smell at all! The grass and sawdust absorb everything and keep the toilet smelling clean. There was a beautiful view of the mountains from the compost toilet but I was too small to see it!
Time to Relax

Time to Relax

It was very peaceful at the Yurt Hotel and I spent a lot of time relaxing in the meadows, reading books and sunbathing. I was very careful and put on lots of suncream to make sure the sun didn't burn me. I also wore my sunglasses to protect my eyes. There's one thing missing in this photograph though - can you work out what it is? Yes, it's my hat! I think it must have fallen off when I fell asleep!