This page contains downloadable materials and information about recently developed Barnaby resources. If you have created some Barnaby materials you would like to share via this website, or if you would like to recommend a useful resource, please get in touch.

Barnaby Bear at the canal

Barnaby Bear goes to the canal

A new resource produced by Wild Over Waterways helps parents and teachers explore canals safely with young children.

The downloadable PDF shows Barnaby taking part in a variety of activities at a canal including birdwatching, painting and fishing. It also provides ideas for learning about canals in the classroom.

The website also contains lots of information about water safety to help you plan a visit.

Unit 1: Introducing Barnaby Bear to our School and Local Area

A transition unit for Reception/KS1

This unit was adapted/influenced by the Year 1 QCA Scheme of Work: Around Our School - The Local Area (QCA 1998). It is intended to be adapted by each teacher to suit their own class/school circumstances.

We hope that you will like some of the ideas we suggest, but do make them your own - you may just want to focus on your school or local area for example. Let us know how you get on!
Unit 1: Introducing Barnaby Bear to our School and Local Area (DOC 54k)

Arctic Adventure Quiz Questions

Use this set of questions (and answers!) to test your pupils on the Arctic Adventure Storyboard found in the pupils' section of this website.
Arctic Adventure Quiz (DOC 51k)

Barnaby Bear's World Map

This resource from the Geographical Association was published in August 2006. It can be purchased from the GA's online shop.

Three accompanying Activity Sheets are available to download free below:

Activity One - Where in the World is Barnaby? (PDF 690k)
Activity Two - Barnaby Visits Africa (PDF 490k)
Activity Three - I can read Barnaby's World Map (PDF 438k)

Barnaby's World Trip

This Itinerary accompanies the World Trip photo gallery, listing the places Barnaby visited in more detail. The Itinerary could be used to plot his route on world/continent/country maps. WorldAtlas provides printable outline maps for all the places Barnaby visted on his trip.

Barnaby's World Trip Itinerary (DOC 268k)