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Barnaby Bear In Cuba
Since 2002 our school's Barnaby Bear has been travelling the world supporting the studies of children in our KS1 Department using the QCA Geography Unit "Where in the World is Barnaby Bear." This work has encouraged children to learn more about life and culture in foreign destinations and to consolidate their information gathering skills using atlases, travel guides and the Internet as reference materials.

More recently however, Barnaby Bear has been involved in local travel and has helped to develop children's awareness of the human and physical features of their own community. We used Barnaby Bear to produce a picture guide to some of the features of our town. The children had to plan a route for Barnaby to take on his photo tour and we then published the final results as a layer on Infomapper, a high quality digital learning resource. This allows other schools to view our guide to our town and encourages them to complete similar work in their communities.

For more information about Infomapper visit their website.

Barnaby Bear outside St. Peter's Church in Southborough
Barnaby Bear has also been involved in producing a guide to different locations in our school which is used with our youngest children in school to help them become more familiar with their surroundings. These locations include the halls, classrooms, IT suite, nature trail, head teacher's office and staffroom. The guide is presented as a quiz entitled Where in the School is Barnaby Bear?

We are always looking for different and creative ways to use Barnaby Bear in school and hope you may have some more ideas to support us. Please feel free to email me with your comments and suggestions.

Jonathan Kersey
Southborough CE Primary School