BBC Film Shoot
Have you seen my adventures on television? Here are some photographs of the BBC filming me at the seaside. This is what happens when most tv programmes are made - it's very exciting but lots of hard work!

camera crew
That's me, watching the camera crew set up for a shot
Where is Barnaby?
What do you think they are looking at? If you look at the next picture, you'll find out...
That's me on the top of the platform!

Where are the crew?
I'm ready - where are the camera crew?
There they are!
Ah, there they are!
Tim and Chris
That's Tim and Chris. Chris is known as a 'Spark' because he looks after all the electrics.

Richard looks after all the sound
Chatting to Richard, the man who looks after the sound.
Tony the camerman
Tony is the cameraman - he's the one who does all the filming
That's Andrea, the director.
That's Andrea, the director. She's in charge of the filming. She's watching everything on a small television.

My friend Rebecca
This is me chatting to my friend Rebecca - she's on the production team.
Filming a scene
The crew getting ready for a 'take' - that's filming a scene.
Tony lining up his camera
Tony lining up his camera. I don't think he's got me in the picture!

Andrea and Tony discussing the next shot
Andrea and Tony discussing the next shot.
Say 'Cheese'!
Tourist Information Office
This is inside the Tourist Information Office - you won't see the camera in the film!

Richard watching the scene on the monitor
Richard watching the scene on the monitor.
The end of a hard day
Paddy, Richard and Tim at the end of a hard day's filming.
Richard telling me he could do with an ice cream
Richard telling me he could do with an ice-cream!

All photos © Ian Grayson. Thanks to the BBC and the Barnaby film crew for letting us use these photos.

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