About Barnaby
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Barnaby Bear
Barnaby Bear first appeared in a unit of work entitled 'Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?' in 'Geography: A scheme of work for key stages 1 and 2', published by QCA/DfES. This was written to help teachers prepare interesting materials in response to the geography national curriculum objective: 'develop children's knowledge of places and environments throughout the world'.

Early Years and Primary

Young children love Barnaby, and his appearance in unfamiliar places and environments helps children to relate to them. Seeing their own Barnaby in the classroom, and then seeing pictures of his adventures in faraway places helps children bridge the gap between the immediate, familiar environment and abstract, unfamiliar environments. Barnaby also enables practical first-hand experience - the best way to cover the early years requirement to encourage exploration, observation, problem solving, prediction, thinking and discussion.

Copyright and Licensing Information

Barnaby Bear® is a registered trademark of the Geographical Association. His name and character may not be used without the prior permission and approval of the Geographical Association. If you wish to use the name or character of Barnaby Bear, please contact Ruth Totterdell at the Geographical Association giving full details of your proposed use. The logostyle, typefont, characterisation and photographic representation to be used are shown in the Barnaby Bear style guide.